Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Gas station

As summer semester came to a close last week. And yes I did pass both of my summer classes. I went to my parents house for the weekend to work at Publix. In returning to Kennesaw I found being extremely bored. I start my internship August 11Th so I have a few weeks to recharge my batteries

My van had to go in to get a check up. It was a perfect day to "wheel" and get my hair-cut so, I wheeled down the road to Super Cuts. On the way back to the apartment the sky decided to open and I mean open. I was nearly 3/4 the way back I knew that I could not make it back with the rain being so hard. The Shell gas station became a safe heaven for me while the stormed passed. I quickly asked the clerk to dry off my chair. I stayed there for 30 minute while the storm rolled out of the area. I'm safe and dry now. Ryan helped me changed my clothes in case anybody was wondering.

In other news today was Laura's last day. It's been a hell of a two years words can't express my gratitude to you and your family. Thank you babe!!

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Stay up

I'm sorry i haven't blogged in July. Its been crazy from going to my parents house for the 4th to finalizing my internship. I have logged some miles on my Wheelchair. But Hey I guess its worth it. Hugs and hands pounds!