Tuesday, September 28, 2010

New Job

I cannot into details about my new job due to some state laws, but I am extremely pleased with the first couple of days. It's a big place, but I think I'm up for the challenge! I just watched the Braves build their wild card lead to 1 game over the Padres. Let's try to win one for Bobby!

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Wild wild & Q and A with Kelsey

It has been a wild, wild couple of weeks for me. I have recently accepted a full-time greeter position at Piedmont Hospital. I will still work at Publix every other Saturday. I would like to thank CSE for helping me grow personally and professionally. So, I will start at Piedmont on Monday. The Braves are winding down there season and trying to get a spot in the play-offs. Sorry, I'm not saying much about the job but I will let you know more details once I start.

I would like to introduce to you the newest staff member, Kelsey Falvey. Here's a quick snapshot of Kelsey:

Q.How did you meet Kyle?
A.We had an intimate interview date at Lennox Mall and went to the Apple store to get my iPhone fixed.

Q.What do you think of Kyle's family?
A.Love them, they made me feel welcome from the first day I started...I consider them my Atlanta family! Very much like my family life back home in NC, a little crazy but full of love.

Q. I hear that Kyle has a funny nickname for all of his workers, what is yours?
A. BETTY BOOP, don't ask me why? But I like it :)

Q. What is next for you and Peasey?
A. Our next adventure will be traveling to the great state of North Kakalaki were we can cheer on the Tar Heels at the Dean Dome and go vandalize Cameron Indoor Stadium. I need to introduce him to the Chapel Hill way of life & he needs to meet the Falvey clan!

Goodnight blog nation and GO FALCONS!


Monday, September 6, 2010


Adversity can be defined as pushed to the limits, according to K. Peasey. Appreciation is when you appreciate something and when you are pushed by the people that love and care for you. A week ago, this was all put into focus for me by my big bro. My big bro competed in an IronMan. When you push and you drive so hard, that is what life is all about to me. Do you have the drive to pursue your goals and aspirations? To fight through your adversities? To appreciate your life?

Pease, love and sunshine