Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Working Together

Brent, Betty and Me before the swim
This past weekend Brent and I competed in the 11 Global Triathlon Series. This particular race was held in Lake Oconee, Ga. It felt  phenomenal to be out on the course. Our good friend Betty Janelle shadowed us the entire time and was the strength of our team on this day. She was simply awesome and gave us very encouraging words along with a good bit of yelling. (-; As we were racing, I kept thinking about our foundation and how we can attract more kids to race with us. Being at races like 11 Global is a big piece of this so we can continue to motivate those in our community and grow what we are doing.  This is not about me, I want to race for something bigger than that.  I want to see our foundation grow and bring joy to so many as I continue to experience day in and day out with this journey.   We are on the right track but still have to do the hard work to make this happen. 
Brent and Betty worked so hard on that swim!!
 Coming out of the water with our TYR Torque Swim Skin and Advanced Elements Kayak  was the perfect start to our day.  Betty was screaming at Brent to move, move, MOVE!!  It is always great to be a part of the wonderful Dynamo Multisport squad and racing alongside Betty was a tremendous honor.  
Betty never left that spot ALL DAY.  Look at Kathryn from Dynamo in the background with the Vuvuzela too!
Off to the Bike and we cannot continue to say enough great things about Freedom Concepts and the ride they put together for us.  We rode great and the support on the road was as special as always.  Betty told us after that, "seeing the looks on their faces was worth the price of admission."
The run course was cooking but as we turned the corner to home and heard the support of all those at the finish line I realized that another step forward was being made not just for me but for our Foundation and where we want to be!  I don't want to be the only one at that finish line...I want to bring that experience to so many more.

DIGGING it out.

We had a great sherpa crew along for the ride with, John David Johnson, my father, and Erica Pease doing a bang up job. We cannot say enough about our wonderful sponsors who make this all possible from the ground up with Newton Running, All3Sports, Gu, Albopads and 1st Choice Health Care. We look forward to the next adventure as Brent is preparing for his 2nd Ironman in August. 

Even more exciting is my good buddy Sam Harrison, also a board member, who is putting on a benefit concert on Thursday July, 12 at Park Tavern in Atlanta. Sam has worked extremely hard to bring more awareness to our foundation and our goals.  We look forward to celebrating with you all soon. If for some reason you cannot attend and still want to donate, there are ways to do that on our website As always, thanks for the amazing support and we look forward to hanging out with everybody really soon.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Camp Blaze

Camp Blaze is an amazing place, with an incredible purpose. To see so many disabled athletes from different backgrounds interacting and enjoying a variety of sports together really puts a smile on my face. It's like they don't even notice their disabilities and they were just out there to compete. I really look forward to seeing what the Kyle Pease foundation will do with Camp Blaze and the athletes who attend in the future. 
-Sam Harrison
Friend, Board Member
Kyle delivering his speech  

First of all, I would like to thank the entire KPF team and all of the KPF board members for this awesome opportunity to work with Camp Blaze. Camp Blaze is a phenomenal organization (check out their video), and I couldn't be more proud of our involvement with a great group of athletes. One of the goals of The Kyle Pease Foundation is to support programs that are in line with our mission, which is to provide opportunities for disabled persons. Camp Blaze brings this together for so many! 
I am not what you would call a fisherman...

Being able to provide camp programs to those in need was extremely special and I was even more honored to speak with everyone at the closing ceremonies. It is incredibly important for the Kyle Pease Foundation to take a role in supporting these amazing athletes. 
Camp Blaze
We have an exciting few weeks coming up with a fundraiser from Brent's old summer swim team, another triathlon. We are continuing to search for new athletes so if you know of anyone you think would be a great candidate for the KPF, please email us. Thanks as always for the continued support!

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Why We Race

Since Marin was diagnosed with CP when she was born, I have been fairly apprehensive about what her diagnosis meant for her ability to participate in all the things that non-CP kids can do.  She came home from the hospital and has been an incredibly hard working girl over the past three years, going each to physical, occupational, horse and swim therapy weekly.  She's made amazing progress in gaining strength and is starting to walk with aid of her walker over the past year.  I couldn't be prouder of her efforts.  Whenever Marin is able to get from Point A to Point B or do some other difficult task on her own she usually yells out with glee "I did it!"  I have tremendous joy when she says that. After watching what the Walking with KPeasey team has been accomplishing with their races, it inspired me to help Marin "go fast." I will continue to hope that as the years go by, Marin will continue to grow stronger in her abilities so she one day may be able to race solo with us...however until that day, it will be my honor to race with her and be her legs so she gets to go fast and see that she too can be an athlete.

-Greg Smith, Marin's father

That smile stayed all day!

 This is why we see children like Jake and Marin have an opportunity to be the athletes!  Running and triathlons are great in that there is no discrimination.  Marin, Jake, Kyle and the 1,400 other runners all went through the same course and their bodies had to work to finish the day.  I am honored to be a part of this all and look forward to the next adventure!

Jake's Team for the Day (Mom Amy on photo right)

The Virginia Highlands Summerfest 5k is an exciting race as it winds throughout the neighborhood where I live. The "hometown" race was made even more exciting this year with the additions of Marin and Jake to the KPeasey team. Being able to run alongside these two incredible racers really brought home the KPF mission for me. I could sense the joy and excitement from both Marin and Jake every second of the race!
Our crew for the day!!

Sadly Evan's mustache did not make an appearance on the start line
To see Jake and Marin smile during the race is what I envisioned when starting the KPF.  It just simply can't be put into words.  I cannot wait for the next adventure so be sure to stay tuned for more summer fun!

KPeasey and Co. before the start