Friday, May 25, 2012

Off to the races with KPF

“A hero is simply someone who rises above his own human weaknesses, for an hour, a day, a year, to do something stirring.” - Betty Deramus 

 It's an honor to be a part of this effort and helping Kyle live out his dream of helping others with disabilities get off the sidelines. Kyle has been a huge inspiration in my life and is truly a hero to me and so many - I couldn't be more proud of him for starting this foundation and giving back to his community. The Kyle Pease Foundation is eager to hit the pavement at our second race with sponsored athletes, locals Jake and Marin, at the Summerfest 5k on June 2nd. Come out to support Jake and Marin, their families, and The Kyle Pease Foundation for a fun day!

~Amy G. Moore

Me and KPeasey doing what he LOVES...BRAVES Baseball 

The race was just the icing on the cake for us. The real mission is coming up next week! On June 2nd we have local Jake Vinson coming back for his second race with mother Amy for the Summerfest 5k. In addition, Greg Smith will be pushing our youngest supporter, his daughter Marin for their first race together. One of the best emails I got was from Greg who after our Half Ironman said sign us up! We are ready! So great to see The Foundation starting to grow and seeing that the efforts we put in both on the and off the course, starting to make a difference! 

Love that SMILE!!
 Evan is coming back out to join us for this race too and we are excited to hit the road with him!! So again be sure to come out and celebrate with us, and who knows, maybe come out to a great festival afterwards for free music and good fun!!   For more information on the foundation and to contact us to help support, please visit our website at

Looking forward to running alongside this great family next week!
We all have a gift.  Please come out and help us share ours

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Having a good time

Since New Orleans, I have had some needed R&R.  Coming off NOLA it was nice to finally get a chance to relax.  Went out to see my favorite ball club...
To a wedding in Charleston, SC with Brent and his lovely wife Erica S. Pease. 

No spandex in this photo :)

I am really looking forward to a summer of going to the pool and hanging out with friends.  So much to do in this city in the summer so a little action in HOT'lanta will do me good!!  Of course, I cannot wait back to the grind of racing.  We are going to start adding some more races now that NOLA has come and gone and I am sure it will be a great time with lots of smiles and hugs all around.  As always, thank you for the support.
See ya next time!!