Saturday, July 28, 2007

Mike who?

So many people have asked me my opinion about señor Vick. So I've decided to share it with you people today. This is absolutely crazy. He is the biggest loser on the face of the earth right now [with the exception of I'm not disputing that he is a great athlete. What I am disputing is the choices that he has made and the people he surrounded himself with. We all have choices that we make: some are good, and some are stupidities. I hope he is banned from the NFL for life. I have changed everything on my computer that resembles number 7. I will throw away my jersey and pull down the poster above my bed. Good riddance, number 7! Run, Michael, run. You have lost a good fan.


BenjamminSpears said...


I'm surprised that you want Vick to be banned from the NFL for life. He's been a gift to the Atlanta football community; like you said, he's very talented; and up until this point, I think he has conducted himself as a professional sports player should.

I'm not saying he should get away with this. He should be punished accordingly. And his public image has suffered, permanently.

Let's take another perspective: professional athletes cheat on their wives (or beat their wives) and hardly anybody says a thing. But now Mike Vick should be banned for beating (and killing) a dog or dogs? Come on now.

Chipper Jones had a kid out of wedlock (breaking the law, ruining his marriage) but we're out to fry Vick for hurting dogs. I didn't know America's dogs were like the Hindus' cows... are they so sacred that Vick can't play football anymore because he killed some?

I don't condone this junk (see my May post about the ordeal: The guy deserves a second chance, no?

And what's wrong with the people he hangs with? Do you know them?

KPeasey said...

no no no