Thursday, December 27, 2007

All in a day of work... you're sweet man right?

I left work today around 3. I wheeled around the corner on N.Deacutr road to Super Cuts to get a buzz. (it looks good) I had to be careful b/c my motors in the chair needs to be replaced. They will be replaced on Jan 11th. Thank GOD! Then I crossed the busy street and headin towards my parents house via Marta.

You're a sweet man is a joke that has become a tradition in my life now. So everyone is a sweet man or lady:)


BenjamminSpears said...

kyle, good joke. the tradition is a little annoying but i think its comic, anyway.

stay safe with that wheelchair issue. i'd be concerned watching you ride down n decatur road with cars whizzing by only feet away from you with your front left tire giving way every so often...

peace and love in the new year

KPeasey said...

Thanks dude. Wheelchair not so good but I was on sidewalk the whole time.