Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Dela WHERE it's at!

Delaware was a dream come true. It was truly an out of body experience. Please take a look at the album on Facebook... quite fascinating. There are no words to describe how the waves felt and the ocean air smelled. A rare treat that I will always remember.
In other exciting news, Team KPeasey is about to take the entire world by storm. We are currently working on the following endeavors:
-Today Show contest: "Everyone Has A Story" essay contest
-A 5k walk benefiting kylepease.org (Walking for (5)Kpeasey)
-House hunting and moving on up in the world.
-Love is in the air... bachelor KP is single and ready to mingle!

I would like to give a special holla holla to some wonderful individuals who made Delaware a dream come true. Thank you to my wonderful hosts Abbey and Pauly P, and how could you forget the KPeasey team of Super Sam and Angel Amy. (And of course Kind Kate and Lovely Laura who were on the trip in spirit). Guess what? I am embarking on another road trip this weekend: going to the other A-town: Athens. A little "bromance" with Sam, bashing with ABash, and enjoying the tunes of my favorite college town.
Just listen to the music and chill. KPeasey, OUT!


Anonymous said...

Last weekend was one of the best weekends I have ever had. I truly enjoyed spending the weekend with you, Amy, and Sam. You have a gift that few other people have. Keep your head high and the sky is the limit for you K Peasey. You are welcome in DE anytime my friend.

Pauly P

Anonymous said...

Kyle...you are truly an inspiration. I really enjoyed watching the excitement in your eyes and the smile on your face as you encountered each and every moment during our time together at the beach. Watching you take on the rough Delaware ocean was one of those moments I will treasure forever. You have such a strong spirit that draws people in and I am so proude to have you as a cousin "once removed"!