Sunday, February 7, 2010

I'm a lean mean fighting machine.

Team KPeasey has put a comprehensive plan together to allow me to get some physical exercise in. I joined a gym! Yes, that's right, I joined a gym. I have joined the Shepherd Adapted Fitness Center. It is truly amazing, the equipment that they have. I plan on going 3 times week to work out my upper and lower body. My staff assists me with reaching the goals that we have made. So I will keep you updated on my progress. I am so pumped about this! My and Evan's birthday is coming up next Friday. Yes, I'll be 25 and I have gray hair already. Please take a look at, as we have updated it with new pictures and videos.

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Anonymous said...

Very exciting KP.. I am so happy for you and your positive outlook on life. You are such an incredible soul and we are all so blessed to know you.

~Secret Admirer