Friday, May 6, 2011

We Are All Brothers Part III

"We all have a gift...we just need to open it up and share it."
-Kyle Pease

Part III

Headed down to the race was a great experience for me. I talked through our nutrition plan from coach Matthew Rose with Brent and relaxed with my pal Sam, while taking our time getting to town. As we went through our walk through on Saturday, I could tell the extra strength training Brent had completed with Witzlib was paying off for him. They looked and felt ready for Sunday and helped put my mind at ease. After dinner with our friends from Tri-Kids, and a few laughs amongst friends I was off to bed to get ready for Sunday.

Race Day:

My day started at 4:40 on Sunday morning when Sam started getting me dressed for the big day. I remember telling Sam, Amy, and Kelsey that morning that I was not ready and I did not want to do it. They kept pushing me and telling me it was time to go, I have to do it. From there, we grabbed a quick breakfast and I spent some alone time with my iPod, listening to one of my favorite Widespread Panic songs, "walkin" as it reminds me of our theme "Walking with KPeasey. The wind that morning was intense! I was a little nervous at that point and it didn't help when the swim portion of the race was moved to a different location at the last minute. My brothers helped calm me down and we headed to the start. Funny story - as we were getting situated with the boat, a bird pooped on me and splattered everywhere! Anyways, so we got loaded in the boat... the waves started making me nervous again but I was out of time and the race was starting with or without me...

I liked it better with me and we waited for the horn to sound. My friends and family were there to keep me company while we waited to start, keeping me laughing and relaxed. Then we were off! It felt like I was sitting 5 feet above the water and at times, as I watched Brent push through the swim. We turned the corner quickly to head back in and heard the crowd as we pulled onto the beach. Brent did an amazing job on the swim and kept the energy going. Evan was the first thing we saw though and as brothers we began the next portion together.

Evan and Brent transferred me from the boat to the jogger and we made our way to the bike transition. The crowd was going crazy and it really gave me a lot of energy. We transitioned to the bike as quickly as possible and Brent and I headed out for a long 24.2 mile ride. My position on the bike was amazing, along with my new gear from All3Sports, it definitely was the most comfortable part of the day. There were so many other riders out there telling us "great job" and saying hello along the way. I stayed extremely hydrated on the bike to make sure I was prepared for the rest of my day. As we began our final mile of the bike, Brent reminded me to stay calm and wait to release all of my adrenaline on the run portion. He was such a strength out on the bike.

Evan met us for the last transition back into the jogger for the last piece of our puzzle.

The jogger was pretty comfy too thanks to the pads we installed from albopads. We had great support from the Dynamo crew during the run as they followed us like a couple of wild cards all over that course. We all ate a ton of ice and shared many laughs, keeping loose on the run. Towards the end I could taste it! I was so excited! I arched my bike and screamed from excitement! I cannot put it into words to cross the finish line and call myself a triathlete alongside my two amazing brothers.

I would especially like to thank my brothers for this amazing journey. From all the well-wishers and our family/friends and all of our sponsors, thank you for helping me achieve my goal of becoming a true athlete. WE ARE ALL BROTHERS!!!

All my love,
& Team KPeasey


Patti Daniels said...

Thank you for sharing your story. It's a cliche, but you all are such an inspiration!!!

Love and Happiness,

Keith Deininger said...

Way to go Kyle! You really are an inspiration to everyone. It would have been awesome to see you cross the line. Any video to be posted?

Mommy Mo said...

Someone posted a link to your site on Facebook and I'm so glad they did. You and your brothers are a true testament to family, love, and commitment. High fives all around for the KPeasey Brothers!

Anonymous said...

The post I have been waiting for. The man inspiration and hero KPeasey. I cannot tell you how proud I am of you and your brothers. This is an amazing accomplishment and I am damn proud to call you my friend aka little brother. I can't wait to see what's next. Keep up all the hard work. You are doing more for people than you could imagine.

Paul McNulty

Anonymous said...

Truly amazing! I love how you documented the day for us since we couldn't be there, I can picture you screaming at the end:) Don't they say a bird pooping on you is good luck...sure seemed that way as you finished your first Tri! Keep on inspiring us all.

Lots of love,
Abbey and Baby Kyle

Denise Jordan said...

Great writers as well as inspirational athletes! When is your next race? I want to be there to cheer you on!

Anonymous said...

This is a remarkable story. I enjoy reading your posts. Congratulations on this great accomplishment! I would love to meet you the next time you visit Delaware. :)

Erin McNulty

Anonymous said...

Awesome Job Kyle!!!

This is amazing. Keep up the good work!!!

Mike Guiliano