Friday, January 4, 2008

Direction-A call for ideas

As you can tell this blog is taking a worldly turn what do you think? Do you like it? Or do you want more of what to me on a daily basis and how that effects the world. I personally like a combination of both. but I want you the reader to tell me what direction you want this blog to go in. Thanks guys!


BenjamminSpears said...


I like reading where you went during the day. Pictures to go along with your posts are always enjoyable; same with links, too. Those are fun.

Like this one:

profan said...

i want more political debate and commentary and analysis, especially in view of the upcoming elections

also more nhl coverage and the thrashers

Anonymous said...

I like it when you talk about your future long-term plans along with your hopes and dreams. I think that energy does and always will follow thought. Keep bright ideas for the future pal ;0)