Sunday, January 27, 2008


So I want to talk about my baby "X" my wheelchair is my life. It is how I get around on a daily basis. Its not my entire life though. I want people to know me not me and my wheelchair. tell me what ya think?


Shanae said...

I think you are an great guy! You constantly wear a smile and a wonderful person to talk to..You are such an inspiration to be around and learn from..just remember God knew the world couldnt handle us walking so he gave us wheels to ride life to the fullest..dont doubt ur being just be who you are

Anonymous said...

I am reading through old posts… a wheelchair does not define someone and is not a characteristic of someone. You are an incredible soul Kyle Pease and if people can't look past your "x" then screw them. They don't deserve to look past it. If they would, they would realize how incredible you are.