Tuesday, February 1, 2011

One Month Down...

This is my first real blog so bear with me but I am hoping a little practice along the way, and some help from the man himself will help as the Kpeasey team blogs during the training.
So with one month down and with roughly three to go the "Walking with KPeasey" operation is in full effect.
We have been told this is the first attempt by three brothers to complete a triathlon of any distance.

Whether or not that is true does not matter to us Pease boys. We couldn't be more excited to get out on the road and attack our races. Tri-Kids continues to support us all the way through these first few weeks and we cannot thank them enough for the opportunity to take on the Georgia Half-Marathon and the St. Anthony's Tri this spring.
We have used these first few weeks to get a good base in for the month's ahead. Evan is running four times per week and has a companion to help him get through those cold morning runs.

I have been joining the Dynamo Multisport Crew (www.wearedynamo.com)several times a week for some spinning, swimming and some outdoor trail runs.

In the coming weeks we will be tying a bucket to my waist, some extra long rides in the cold and I might even run up and down some steep hills before it's all said and done...(Read more about the last hill run here www.haleychura.com)
The bike should be here soon enough from www.freedomconcepts.com and then we will get out on the road with Kyle for some much needed practice. Keep a look out in the near future for the whole "Walking With KPeasey team" out for some group runs and of course keep up with all the updates throughout the training.


Haley Chura said...

First brothers to do a tri! Trail blazers! You guys are amazing!

Brent said...

Thanks Haley. We are super excited for the big races!!!!

Bill Mc said...

Looks like Kyle is the only one with a racing haircut so far.

BenjamminSpears said...

Awesome post, Brent! Real excited to watch y'all's triathlon movement begin.