Friday, June 8, 2007


So I'm sitting here watching the Braves game...that I'm happy I decided not to go to. And we're losing. So I decided to about what?? My frustrations. So-- I feel frustrated because people get all this money and they should perform. As a pal points out, it would be different if Chip was here. Or would it? Do I get frustrated about my life? I just have to remember that this game is only a game. People get so caught up in baseball cause it's an emotional attachment. Anyways, I'm off back to the TV and I'm gonna have a root beer float. Have a good one.


BenjamminSpears said...

kdog, wish i could have a root beer float with you. let's try to do that july 2nd, okay?

what do you mean when you say "it would be different if Chip was here"?

KPeasey said...

chipper out with a hand injury just a what if. root beer def bo