Saturday, June 9, 2007

A midnight Stroll

So I was upset about the braves game last night. I wanted to take my anger out in a positive matter. So I asked my friends if they could help me walk on my own 2 feet and of course they said yes! I walked in my house/Apt. it felt great.

To feel my legs move is a feeling that i can not explain to you guys in this blog. It was truly amazing to feel the pain and the burn.

Wow what a night:)


BenjamminSpears said...

[this thing didn't take my comment the first time so i'm reposting]

kyle, what do you mean when you say you felt a burn while walking?

glad you could channel that energy after the braves' loss

KPeasey said...

ben, you know when you have a good workout? the burn you feel from that. that's what i meant by that.

Lauren said...

Kyle, thats awesome!!!! I want to come see you walk. Love ya!