Thursday, March 10, 2011

Closing In

So we are a little over a week away and things are really getting exciting. While our feature on the news was entertaining and special, it opened my eyes to a new feeling.

I always love hearing people compliment my twin bro-- but sometimes I let it pass without thinking. What can I say? To me he's just like any other 26 year old. Lately it has been much more impactful. Since I am a part of this special endeavor, compliments and well wishes have hit me deeper. It is truly amazing to see what an impact Kyle has on people. I am especially proud to be a part of this race and from all if us on Team KPeasey: Thank you!! It does NOT go without notice and thanks. See y'all at the finish line!!



Elise said...

Wonderful to hear an update! Shawn and I are hit one week away today... I've been doing P90X to keep building muscle and endurance before race day!

It's truly inspiring to hear the story of Team KPeasey. All three of you should be commended for this incredible accomplishment.

My thoughts and prayers are with you.

Anonymous said...

Wow. A little over a week to race day. You guys have so many people behind you and rooting for you. Keep up the good work and keep inspiring countless amounts of people. Keep on keeping on Team K Peasey. I can't wait to hear about the race.

Paul McNulty