Monday, March 21, 2011

Publix Half Marathon - Step 1

We got to the race site at 6 am thinking that was plenty of time to get ready. Well so did all the other 18,000 or so participants. We couldn't find anyone we were looking for and somehow we found our way up to the front of the starting line. The music was intense and we were pyched up to go. Then the starting sounds came and we were off to the race.

We were so eager to get out there that we flew through Mile 1, against the better advice of our coach Matthew Rose, didn't matter though. We were so pumped we just kept on going. The day got tougher as it wore on but as we came past a group of our friends in Virginia Highlands the emotions were high and our legs started moving quicker

We came up on the final sections of the course and Evan and I were both struggling to finish strong. We looked down and Kyle was struggling too, the day had wore on his body and he was ready to finish just like the rest of us. Then we heard it and next we saw it but the final strech of road to the finish line. At that point, Kyle extended his arms and let out a piercing yell as we approached the finish gates. I can promise you this...anyone near us at that moment knew how amazing it was for us to cross that line as one that day, and what a day it had been.
The support was amazing throughout the day, and not just from our friends and family. Everyone who passed by us had something to say to us, in praise or encouragement of what we were trying to do. The finish was a mob scene of supporters all eager to congratulate Kyle.
We cannot thank everyone enough for the support that has continued to pour in and we cannot wait to continue this amazing journey together. Thank you all for everything!

What a day!!! I'm not sure I can properly put it into words what happened yesterday. Not sure we could have pulled it off without the tremendous amount of support both on and off the course. From our sponsors to our family, and of course all our awesome friends, who came out at 7 am just waiting for us to come by, the support did not go unnoticed. I know being a part of Team KPeasey was pure magic and I can't wait for the next one. Thanks again everyone!!

The race was absolutely amazing. To be out there with my bros was incredible. My positioning in the jogger was a key to my success and it was helpul to us that we got everything adjusted the night before. The support from everyone racing in a KPeasey shirt was super cool to see and every spectator on the road was awesome. Evan and Brent made sure to keep me fueled and hydrated and the roadies out there with me made sure I knew how awesome we were doing. When it was all over and I had my medal all I could think about was, "Which race is next?"
Thanks to everyone for all you have done to be a part of this and we look forward to the next one!!!


Anonymous said...

So proud of you guys. Kyle you are an inspiration to all. Keep it up and don't ever stop.

Paul McNulty

Elise said...

Wonderful blog today, Team Pease! I am grateful to hear of your success in the race... and I'll be cheering you on in the next one!

This reminds me... I need to order my shirt and wrist band. :)

jcmatl said...

You the MAN, Kyle. Brent and Even, not so bad either.

I'm behind you guys all the way so keep on running.


Stacy said...

Inspiring work this weekend Team Pease. Best wishes on your journey.

Proudly following along,

(a friend of a friend and 100% a fan)

Anonymous said...

So, so cool. Well done brothers.

Gina said...

Such an inspiring and amazing accomplishment. Congratulations to all of you!! Good luck at your next race.

Paul Stack said...

Dear Pease Brothers:
My best wishes to you. I am looking forward to tuning in tonight for the latest. Thanks for the inspiration.

Robert said...

Way to go Kyle. Too bad you had your brothers slowing you down!

Congrats to all for an awesome feat!

Bob Lintault

Susan Wildes said...


Claire said...

Congratulations guys!! What an accomplishment for all three of you :) Good luck training for the tri!


tribirdie said...

Congratulations Team Pease!! Way to go guys!! Continued Good Luck as you continue on your journey! Thanks for the inspiration!

G&M said...

Well done,